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Mobile Money Loans for Boda-Boda Riders.
Pay back small instalments daily.

  • Loan approved within 2 hours
  • Receive loan on your phone. Pay through your phone.
  • Pay back in small daily instalments as you earn.

Our loans are designed to empower

Why save up just to pay a loan?

  • Get a 3 days grace period.
  • Pay back small daily instalments. No penalty for early payment.
  • Save money for the things you love – not to pay loans!

 Transparent & easy – no bank jargon

  • Fixed interest. No complicated calculations
  • Check your loan balance using the App. 
  • No hidden fees

What our clients think about Griota



“I love how simple Griota loans are. I know exactly how much to pay, when and how.”

Market vendor

Sheryl Kamoga


“Where have you been all my life? I needed this 10 years ago. I love you Griota!”

Flower-shop owner

Patrick Mukiibi


“My business would have closed if Griota was not financing me.”

Vehicle mechanic

Solomon Amanya


“I have told all my friends about Griota. It is exactly what we need.”

Boda-boda rider

Rita Kisakye


“A Griota loan does not feel like a loan. It feels like a business partner who is helping me succeed.”

Uber driver

Ronald Matovu


“I have been able to start up a new business because of the Griota loans. Love them!”

Bakery owner

Paula Namukasa


“Griota has really helped our small business community grow and we are very grateful.”

Hair saloon owner

Tom Ocheng


“Affordable. Simply and fast. Easy to pay. Griota is what our businesses need.”

Village leader

Max Musiime


“Very professional and still down to Earth. These Griota guys get us!”

Restaurant owner

Eve Okello


“I used to struggle with working capital but now Griota makes doing business easy.”

Retail Shop owner

Our clients thrive when they can focus on just their business without worrying about financing. That’s why we strive to make Griota feel like a “normal payment to just another supplier” and not a loan.

Andrew – Founder & CEO of Griota.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Griota  loans are intended for bike taxi riders – commonly referred to as boda-bodas.

  • You must be a full time rider earning your primary income through your bike taxi services.
  • You must be registered at a registered boda-boda stage.

Applying for a Griota loan is easy and straight forward:

  1. Download the Griota app from Playstore or Appstore and register. 
  2. After registration. Click the “Apply for Loan” option and fill in the details. 
  3. Identify 3 other members of your stage who are already registered on Griota.
  4. Ask your fellow stage members to open the app and endorse your loan. 
  5. Once your loan is endorsed, our team will review your application and get back to you within 2 hours. 
  6. Upon approval, you will receive the money on your phone.

Click me to read about our loan approval process

For existing customers, a loan can be approved in as little as 30 minutes.
For first-time customers, a loan is approved within 2 – 4 hours of all requirements being submitted.

Click me to read about our loan tiers.

Click me to read about loan duration

Dial *185*9# on Airtel Money.
Use Merchant Code 6240700 to make payment
Your payment will automatically be tagged to your phone number.
Making payment using a different Mobile Money account from the one registered with Griota:
If you are making payment through a different phone number from the one you registered with us, please put your full name on “reference”.
Loans instalments must be paid by 9pm of each day.

Log into your account to view your loan balance

Loans instalments must be paid by 9pm of each day.
If for whatever reason you are unable to make payment on that day, please contact us by 9pm of that day.
Defaulting on payment will cause you to be blacklisted. It will also affect the credit score of your referees. The loan default terms in the loan agreement will be executed.